We are now closed until further notice.

Dear Parents and Gymnasts, 

It’s with a heavy heart that due to the new Level 5 government restrictions we must close our doors. It is unlikely we will reopen until the New Year but we will just have to see how it all goes and wait this out. We do feel we as a club would have been able to continue with safe individual training for our members but with the new restrictions it’s just not viable. We are seeking clarification from our local TD’s on the guideline stated  “ in addition, in recognition of the impact on children and young people of restrictions, non contact training can continue for school aged children, outdoors in pods of 15, All other training activities should be individual only”. We want to ensure our staff and members health and safety is an absolute priority.

  • Online Classes: So from this week we aim to transfer our classes to our online platforms. We propose that for the last 2 weeks left in October all our members try our online platform.
  • Tuition: has been paid by everyone for October. As of the 1st November we will be freezing all tuition fees and will carry them over to January 4th 2020. Please only complete the withdrawal form if you wish to leave EnnisGC and need a refund. Otherwise we will assume you wish to remain in the club and will carry forward all tuition paid and add it to your new Iclass pro account (done via parent portal)
  • We are aware some families may be out of work and have a lot on their plate right now.  We want to extend our online platform to all our members free of charge.
  • Invoices and reminders: These are automated. Each one must be individually paused so please bare with us if you receive one it will be in error. Please do not take offence we are working as fast as we can.
  • 2 Week Trial: We feel it is important that parents sign up to these classes for a number of reasons. You have already paid for it. We want to keep their routine as much as possible. We gathered great momentum over the last few weeks and the children were progressing immensely.We want to continue to make them happy and see them smile!  We will use your booking email as the email we interact with so please ensure that’s still in use on your side if not contact us and we will change it. We ask parents to download: 
  • Google Classroom: This is Googles version of Moodle. It allows teachers/ coaches  to share resources such as notes, videos, games and home training. We will be posting online videos from your coaches. It is ideal for parents that are working and may not be able to access the live zoom classes as you can check these out at any time. 
  • To log in : you will receive an emailed link via text message< please log in from there with your Gmail email and password- if your do not have a Gmail account your will need to set one up. If you are having any difficulty please email me at info@ennisgymnasticsclub.com
  • Google Meet and Zoom: A video conferencing app that allows real time meetings and classes to take place. We also intend to personally interact with the gymnasts as they would in their physical class. 
  • Sign up to our parent portal (if you have not done so already):Once set up this portal will give you access to your child’s progress and skill tracking. It also offers an app which you can download and access your personal, billing, account and your child’s attendance and skill information at the tip of your fingers. (please do this if you wish to return in January so we can ensure we have your child’s progress reports update upon their return)
  • Important links you may need:

This is a huge blow to the club but we really want to ensure we keep the momentum we have been building over the last few weeks. Our gymnasts were working so hard. It was great to be back! We want to keep spirits high in this tough time. We are so grateful to all our parents for your amazing support over the last few weeks. We really appreciate it. We will get through this we just have to stay positive and stick together 💪 We will keep you all updated as we continue to get more clarification of the situation. 
Again if there is anything we can do for any of our members please don’t hesitate to contact us. It’s really important we keep in touch. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, 
Gillian , Clare and all the staff at EGC ❤️

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