Covid 19 Re-Opening Plan and Policies


Dear Members,

Please see our step by step guide to our class format going forward. and our HSE recommended guidelines

We need to ensure we adhere to the current government guidelines as best we can. We have been preparing for this for some time. We have had to make changes to our facility, coaching approach and our timetable in order to meet the guidelines. We feel confident that we are taking every possible measure to reopen. We will do our absolute best to get our kids safely back in the gym, and doing the activities to keep their minds and bodies healthy! This is a fluid situation, we must follow our governments guidelines and we will be adapting our policies daily. We will keep this document updated and available on our website.

Keeping the environment safe for all
  • We have already executed intensive cleaning of the gym and every surface disinfected.
  • We have allocated a member of our staff to supervise, guide and clean on a continual basis.
  • We have sanitisation areas provided in multiple areas of the gym beginning with the reception area and following throughout the training centre itself.
  • We have marked floor space according to the recommended guidelines for safe social distancing and will adapt our session plans accordingly.
  • We have installed multiple hand sanitiser dispensers throughout the reception, changing room and training centre.
  • We  have installed a new hot water system and hand dryers in the bathrooms.
How we will ensure our gymnasts and staff are protected
  • Parents and staff must complete our health questionnaire prior to every training session they attend or they will not be allowed inside the facility.
  • Gymnasts may bring a bottle of water with them (clearly labeled with name) to keep with them at all times. There will be no sharing of drinks or requesting refills in the office.
  • Temperature checks will be taken as staff and gymnasts enter the facility.
  • Gymnasts will be provided with hand sanitizer before entering the floor and are welcome to bring their own also.
  • Gymnasts may wear masks, but they are not required, as we will maintain the recommended safe social distancing as per current guidelines.
  • There will be no spotting until further notice, all Gymnasts must be able to take and apply verbal corrections.
Directions on who can enter the gym
  • Only authorized Gymnasts who have PREBOOKED their class & Staff will be permitted inside the gym.
  • Our Drop and Go System will still be in place as your are aware our reception will not be suitable to adhere to social distancing guidelines. In order to attend our activities and all children must be able to take verbal instruction. We trust parents judgement on this however if we feel children are struggling with this we will have no choice but to contact you.
  • Staff will not be able to enter the gym unless they are working that day and are 100% healthy and have completed the health questionnaire.
How we will provide awesome training
  • There will be no spotting.
  • All training will be via drills, and performing skills and taking verbal corrections.
  • Class numbers will be limited and coach to gymnast ratios will be smaller than before. There will be a maximum of 8 per group now.

Updated Code of Conduct

All members need to be aware we have updated our policies including an updated Term & Conditions.

Hand Hygiene

There are sanitization points at all entrances and exits so gymnasts will be asked to clean their hands when they enter and exit. There are also designated sanitization stations located around both training halls. Gymnasts will be asked to clean their hands when moving apparatus (and the same applies to coaches!). Coaches will demonstrate and ask the gymnasts to take turns. Please explain the importance of this at home.

Staff – “No Contact” Approach

Staff will always maintain a min of 2 meters distance. This has two implications:

  1. All reception services are closed. We are dealing with email queries as quickly as possible. All payments should be made online. Staff signing in gymnasts will call the next person to come in and check their name as they clean their hands. Please wait at your designated point until you are called to enter. Only gymnasts can enter the buildings.
  2. Coaches will not be in physical contact with members – no spotting, holding hands etc. Gymnasts will only be asked to practice skills or drills that they can manage without physical support. Please remind your children if they are asked not to do something this is particularly important for safety.


 They will be shown this on their first day and access will be monitored. Toilets are for gymnasts only – there is no site access for others to use the toilet.


You will notice there are signs all around the buildings referring to:

  • Hygiene (Washing hands, covering your mouth, using a tissue
  • Social Distancing (2 meter markers on walkways, stairs, floor mats)
  • Symptoms of Illness

These are the same types of HSE signs you will be used to seeing everywhere else. They are reminders, gymnasts will not be brought around on a tour of the signs but may have them pointed out as required. (i.e. when going to the toilet follow the instructions to wash your hands)

Suspected Sickness

Under NO circumstances can anyone attend training if they are experiencing cold/flu symptoms OR if there is someone sick at home OR if they have been in close contact with someone who is sick, OR if an immediate family member is listed as a close contact.

  • All coaches will be practicing self-screening daily and must submit a form before starting work. Staff have extremely strict protocol for coming to work. They would really appreciate if families are vigilant in this regard too!
  • All families are being issued with a daily self-screening form HERE.
    • You must complete this form at home prior to training for the foreseeable future. If this restriction changes, we will let you know. All siblings can be added to the same form.  
    • We are asking families to complete this form at home and submit the morning of training to save time and avoid queuing in the gym or delaying classes starting. Please make sure you are also checking gymnasts for symptoms prior to entering the hall in case they become ill during the day / after submitting the form.

For contact tracing purposes we cannot allow make – up classes at this time. If you are going to be absent, please let us know.

Dealing with a Suspected Case

There have been designated Isolation Areas set up at each facility. These will be used if someone onsite starts to display symptoms during training. If someone starts to feel sick the following protocol will be implemented:

  • They will be directed to sit in the Isolation Area and all staff will always maintain 2m distance
  • The designated covid officer (DCO) will instruct them how to use a pre-packed set of PPE
    • Under 13’s are not required to wear masks as per government guidelines. They may be asked to use a tissue to cover their mouth if coughing
  • The designated covid officer will put on PPE
  • They will use a contactless thermometer to check temperature and fill in a form listing all recognized symptoms and details and circumstances of the incident.
  • A Parent will be contacted by phone and a list of questions asked to determine if any additional services need to be contacted. The DCO will explain to you what steps need to be followed and how to access the facility to collect your child.

NOTE: If you suspect you or your child are unwell DO NOT attend training. If these steps change, we will inform families. A deep clean of the impacted areas will be carried out following any suspected case. A strict log is kept of all circumstances and areas are closed off until staff are authorised to re-open.

Accidents and Incidents (non-covid related)

If an accident or incident occurs that requires coach attention (i.e. first aid) the following steps will be followed.

  • Staff will put on PPE (separate area from suspected cases)
  • A Gymnast will be assessed by a designated first aider or relevant staff member
  • An incident form will be completed and filed in daily records
  • If necessary, a parent will be contacted and instructed how to access and collect the child

Staff members have face shields / masks and gloves for dealing with accidents and incidents as social distancing cannot be maintained to assess or address the situation. Please explain this to your children so they are not upset if someone approaches them wearing PPE.

*NOTE: when wearing PPE staff will typically wear a face shield instead of a mask – this is to help maintain a level of friendliness so that children can see their mouth and facial expressions. Staff may not have this on if they are not in close contact with members or each other but need to be given time to prepare if coming into close contact again. Please wait at designated markers and do not approach staff by entering the building. If you can do your best to explain this to children, we would greatly appreciate it for everyone’s safety.

Here are some of the additional ways social distancing is being implemented:

  • Drop Offs: Gymnasts will be let in through an assigned entrance point
    • Ennis GC Main Hall Entrance

As gymnasts are being let in one at a time, they will be required to take off their shoes (if they have them) inside the door way and carry them to a designated parking spot by following markers on the floor. Whilst gymnasts are learning there may be a que so please maintain social distancing if standing outside the door.

  • Collections: Gymnasts will be dismissed one at a time to parents outside a designated exit door (as above). They will have marked spots inside the training hall to maintain social distancing (like a shop que) but please be prompt in arriving for collection as we cannot have a crowd at the door.
  • Club Access is strictly limited to pre-registered participants. Halls are only accessible by gymnasts at their designated class time.
    • No external access to lobbies, toilets, or training areas
    • No additions or substitutions to class rosters
  • Class ratios and the number of classes have been drastically reduced. 
  • Staggered start and end times: as you have noticed on the timetables there are gaps and fewer classes running at the same start / finish times. This is to keep numbers on sight low and allow time for cleaning of workspaces 

Travelling outside the republic of Ireland

If  you or a member of your immediate family do visit a country and return to Ireland from a location that is not on the COVID-19 Green List you are requested to restrict your movements for 14 days which means that children CAN NOT be permitted to attend classes within those 14 days.




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