Gym Rules


For Parents & Gymnasts:

These basic rules have been put in place to ensure Ennis Gymnastics Club is run efficiently within the safest environment possible for your child. All Parents and Gymnasts must complete the Membership Application Form, the Code of Conduct for Parents, and the Code of Conduct for Gymnasts form before commencing any classes. We appreciate your co-operation.



  • Arrive early! It is particularly upsetting for the younger children to arrive after all the others have started. Please ensure you are punctual collecting your child as coaches will be teaching the next class.
  • Please wait in the entrance viewing area during classes. Keep all exits clear.
    Only gymnasts and coaches allowed on the gym floor. Ensure all children in your care (excluding gymnasts) are fully supervised and kept out of the gym at all times.
  • under no circumstances are parents allowed wait in the changing rooms.
  • Our coaches wish to maximize coaching time with their gymnasts, if you wish to speak to us please send us an email with your queries and we will get back to you asap or please leave your queries with Kathleen at the desk.
  • Please do not drop off your own or any other child early to watch the classes unattended. The Gym Club cannot be responsible for these children until their own class begins.
  • If your gymnast is expected to be away for more than 2 weeks at a time please inform their coach.
  • Please advise the Gym Club of any change of circumstance, i.e. medical, change of address and in particular change of phone number.
  • With over 400 gymnasts going through the gym each week the amount of lost property is substantial. All lost property will be cleared at the end of each half term.



  • All gymnasts must attend and take part in the warm up. It is an essential part of the training that helps prevent injury.
  • No jewellery what so ever, including ear studs or body piercing adornments to be worn at anytime during training or competition. This constitutes a safety hazard.
  • Please wear appropriate tracksuit or training clothes i.e. no skirts, baggy clothing or jeans.
  • No fizzy drinks or food in the gym.
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