Young Leader Programme

  • Would you like to be part of a group that will make you feel heard and confident?
  • Have a say on how things are run and be decision makers of your club?
  • Have you a passion for gymnastics and would love to learn more about the sport?
  • Do you have you an interest in coaching children’s gymnastics?
  • Would you like to gain more confidence?
  • Would you like to learn how to communicate better with children and adults?
  • Would you like the opportunity to personally develop as a young person and gain vital life skills to further you in your future?

If you have answered YES to some of the above questions, the YLP is for you 

What is the Young Leader’s Programme (YLP)?

When gymnasts turn 13, they are interviewed and selected to join our Young Leaders’ Programme. We select gymnasts (limited spaces) and offer them the opportunity to join our YLP. During this programme, you will gain the following opportunities:

  • Shadow a senior coach and develop my communication & coaching skills
  • Personal & Professional development
  • Participate in our tailored in-house workshops
  • Mentored and encouraged by our top coaches
  • Join a warm, dynamic and confidence building environment
  • Be part of a professional building team.
  • Gain vital life skills for your future/career:

-Public Speaking

-Decision making

-Thinking on the spot/adapting to change

-Healthy debates (during workshops)

I don’t have a big interest in the coaching side of the young leaders’ programme, can I still be involved in the group?

Regardless of whether you are interested in coaching or not, you are a vital member in the group. There are so many other aspects of our Young Leaders Programme that you will benefit from and enjoy.


Leader Programme Expression of Interest

YLP Aims to;

  • Develop young leaders’ personally and professionally
  • Give each young leader the opportunity to remain involved in their sport in various capacities 
  • Gain skills that will undoubtedly benefit you for your future life/career paths

What does it mean to be part of YLP?

Our Young Leaders programme MEANS that every young leader will gain future life skills and be encouraged to use their voice and believe in themselves! Some young people aged 12-16 that are members of the club are at a transitional age where giving up their sport and passion is generally accepted, The YLP is an  opportunity to keep them involved in their interest in a different capacity (while also keeping up gymnastics if they wish and this is optional).

Our Young Leaders programme DOES NOT automatically mean that every young person becomes a coach at Ennis Gymnastics. This is an avenue that can be taken by our young leaders if they have a genuine interest and passion for coaching children and when Senior Coaches assess they are ready and competent.

What kind of workshops will be involved in YLP?

All our workshops are youth lead and facilitated in an inclusive group setting. All the work we do together will be leader focused and everyone will have their say and everyone’s voices will be heard. Workshops are fun and a mix of communication, young leaders’ activities and technical gymnastic skills. Workshops are facilitated by fully trained coaches and youth development workers!  All learning styles are taken into account and will be fully supported. 

I do have an interest in the coaching side of the Young Leaders Programme. How do I gain more experience to see if I like it?

If you have an interest in the coaching aspect of our Young Leaders Programme, you will show this by attending a class or two a week depending on other commitments in your life. The ownership is on you. You are always welcome. We do not put pressure on our young leaders. It must be something you are fully interested in and have a natural passion for. Not everyone has to love the coaching side, and we fully understand that. Therefore, we incorporate so many other beneficial aspects to the YLP that you may have interest in.

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