Our new term is due to begin but here a some FAQ’s we thought might be helpful.

  1. I have paid a deposit online to secure my child’s place. Is this guaranteed? YES. Your child’s place is guaranteed until the term commences. However you must adhere to the booking terms and conditions to secure the place for the duration of the term. The balance must be paid by the date specified prior to the term commencing.
  2. I didn’t book on time and now my child’s place is no longer available. What can I do now? We understand it can be hard to keep up with your children’s activities. Our existing members are very valuable to us. However with our live booking system when the place is gone unfortunately it’s gone. We do our best to give lots of notice before we release class places. We have a waiting list form for you to complete for the class you are expressing your interest in. We may not be able to offer you a spot in that exact class but once on the waiting list, you will be the 1st to be contacted about any new spaces or classes added. WE also have a drop in class on Saturdays 12.45-1.45pm – €10 pay as you go that might keep them ticking over while waiting for a space  become available.
  3. Ok, I have added my child’s details to the waiting list. What happens now? We will be in contact prior to the term commencing with options if any become available.Please understand calling or emailing us will not change the situation. We will contact you as soon as we have something to offer. Again though please be reminded there could be up to 200 people on our waiting list and EVERYONE will be receiving the same information. Please do not delay or you may be disappointed for a second time.
  4. I seem to be receiving a lot of emails from EGC, I am just too busy to read this info….. BIG Mistake! Please understand that we will send a newsletter every 6-8 weeks and reminders about important dates like when you need to rebook your child’s place or upcoming events your child may be participating in. These are very important. I would urge you to consider what is more hassle? Taking 5 mins to read the email or how you plan to break it to your child they can’t go back to their favourite class or they can’t attend the event they worked towards as you missed the deadline. We dont want to cause any unnecessary upset hence why we communicate so much.
  5. My child has been with you almost 2 years, why are they still in an beginner class? The new structure is certificate based. Our beginner programme caters for all children working; Preschool certificates(we have 5 preschool certs) Foundation, Yellow, Sky Blue and Lime. Once your child has passed LIME they will progress to the Improver programme and when they pass  RED they will progress into the Intermediate programme. To progress to our Advanced programme a gymnast must pass ORANGE. So really 2 yrs to complete a possible 9 certs is an amazing achievement. Please be patient and trust the programme.
  6. When my child comes home excited about getting a new skill except I don’t know the gym terminology and let alone what the skill looks like…. How can I find out? We have a detailed downloadable list of our certificate and the skills required to pass each cert and videos of what each skill looks like.see here for more info Skill Breakdown Certificate programme 
  7. I am super annoyed my child did not receive a certificate at the end of their term and most of their peers did. This is very unfair! We understand this is a sensitive subject however we are very passionate and believe in our certificate programme. Prior to your child reaching you in the changing room on their last day, coaches will have explained that children progress at different times and we are still super proud of them. We explain it will be their turn next time and encourage them to be happy for their peers which we feel instills great character and sportsmanship. The gymnast almost always deals with this very well, in some instances it’s the parents that are not able to deal with this and it’s taken as such a negative. Our suggestion is to assure your child we are proud of them regardless and contact us via email and request details of why your child did not achieve their cert maybe there a skill they are struggling with etc and we will happily advise. Please do not assume your child is not progressing or compare them to other peers in their class. This behaviour is  not conducive to a positive atmosphere which we want to uphold. Also please consider if we just gave certificates for the sake of it then where is the real progress? Mixed abilities in classes means slower progress overall.
  8. My child is at a certain certificate and doesn’t feel challenged within their class….. This is a very commonly asked question usually around the first few weeks of term. This is due to the fact we have instructed all coaches to refresh the gymnasts previous certs to ensure safety. This is especially important after long breaks off like summer. But rest assured the Autumn term is a 15 week term and all will be refreshed and the gymnast will quickly progress once they are reminded of the basics.
  9. Can you assess my child in their next class as I want them to be moved up to the next level? A full certificate assessment may take a few weeks due to a number of reasons, such as the gymnast may not have been thought some skills, or the apparatus that they need to be assessed on is in use by another class and they maybe scheduled to use it the following week. So a quick assessment is not possible we look for consistency over a number of weeks.
  10. If assessed can I move my child mid term? Yes, provided there is an available space.
  11. My child wants to go down a more competitive stream, Whats the next step? Working through the certificates can be a slow process depending on each individual gymnast. Our Advance programme will be the 1st stepping stone towards competitive gymnastics, whereby they have the option to compete if ready. Our Pre junior is the next stage after Advanced for older gymnasts. We have Pilot programmes for younger gymnasts should we feel are showing potential for the future. Assessments for these squads take place during the September- December Term and selection is made for theses squads according to the competitive year January-December.
  12. My email was hacked how can I keep up to date with info? See our news for an archive of our most recent emails.
  13. My child no longer wishes to continue, Can I have  a refund? Unfortunately all fees are non refundable, but on certain circumstances we have issued credit notes. Once we have received 2 weeks notice in writing.
  14. We missed last weeks class due to sickness/ match etc, can we make up the class on another day? Unfortunately No, the majority of our classes are full and we are strict with the maximum number of gymnasts per class. You have exclusivity to your child’s selected pre booked day/time.
  15. The class is now clashing with another activity can I change? Yes provided we have availability in another class option.
  16. When does the next term start? see attached calendar here
  17. How long does my annual membership and insurance cover? insurance year is September – August.
  18. is my child ready to participate in the upcoming InHouse Event? ABSOLUTELY! All events we run in house cater for all our members including our little preschool gymnasts. We love to make a fuss of them and they are really positive events where parents get to see their little olympian in action.
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