Dear Members, 

We are so excited to be back! We do understand some may be a little anxious but we want to put you at ease as much as we can.

Classes are set to re-commence Wednesday 2nd September. 

We are an 8000 sq/ft facility. We have plenty space to keep your children safe. We have sought clarification from Sport Ireland and Clare Sports Partnership and we will operate similar to schools with a “bubble” and “pod” structure of distancing. We will update our current Return to Sport documents, Covid-19 class procedures documents, as well as our sanitization checklists with these new guidelines in mind. As noted previously there will be strict sanitation procedures, distancing measures and entry/exit procedures for classes. Once in class, we can guarantee you that we will have a blast and learn just as much or more than we did before. Please read our Step by Step Guide and class procedures which includes our health Questionnaire and Covid Policies and class procedures before you bring your child to their first class. 

Please explain to your child that under no circumstances are parents allowed enter the premises and no gymnasts will be permitted entry without an up to date health questionnaire completed before each and every class. Again all this info is detailed on the above link. If your foresee this as a problem for your child please consider our Parent Assisted family class instead until you feel they will be ready. We do not want to cause any unnecessary upset.

New Payment Tuition Format.

Due to the current Covid situation, EGC is no longer working on a term basis. It is now monthly. For members this makes life much easier. You simply book once and then we send an Auto Pay invoice on the 15th of the month to pay for the following month. Details of monthly fees and Calendar is here. Details of our new payment policies are here 


New membership system

In the coming weeks we will be launching our brand new membership system. there are tonnes of perks to this. it will make all our lives so much easier. All members will have access to an app which will detail the payments or any outstanding balances. There will also be a much smoother process in making payments and communicating. You will also be able to view your child’s progress and follow their certificates.

Meet the Ennis GC Team

Our staff do change from term to term but we would like to introduce you to all the staff on our team. Please familiarise yourself with us and don’t even hesitate to call on us if you need anything.

Pick Ups & Drops Offs

Must be swift – a very quick drop and go. All Parents (including preschool) must wait with your child outside the premises on the socially distance floor markings until we have taken your child’s temperature check and validated their health survey. Do not drop and run as if your child’s temp is not correct she will be not allowed entry to the facility. If you will be late please text: 086 2726662. Continuous lateness will result in a late fee fine applied to your child’s account.

We will not be permitting children to leave the premises unaccompanied by an adult unless you complete the EGC Walker Permission Form.

What to Bring to Class

Please be reminded that due to covid we will not be using our changing rooms. Children must bring a small bag to hold their labelled drink bottles and shoes. Please ensure your child wears comfortable attire, leggings, T – Shirt or leotards and shorts are ideal. We have an optional kit that you can order from our online Shop. 

ON SALE NOW we also have a return to Gym Covid pack which has a drawstring rucksack, personalised Sports bottle and personalised hand sanitiser bottle.


Our primary source of communication is by email, texts are only sent in the event of a short notice class cancellation. Our website, Instagram and Facebook page are updated very regularly so ensure to keep an eye on these. If you wish to arrange a meeting with your child’s coach, we can facilitate this with prior arrangement.

NEW  Classes

  • Sunday morning classes: We have added a number of Beginner classes such and also our GymAble and Parent Assisted Family class. Book here
  • ENNIS GC GymFit with Ezra is back! New day and time Every Friday 6.45-8.00pm. This class is specifically for boys and girls ages 12+yrs. This class will cover Circuits, Strength, Conditioning, Flexibility, Core and Some Stunt Gymnastic Free Play! Book Here 
  • NEW Gym Acro Dance with Wilson. For children born 2012 or older. Book here

What is Acro Dance?Acro Dance is an art form that incorporates the fluid movements of dance with the exciting tricks from gymnastics acrobatics.t is “gymnastics for dancers”, where students develop specific strength, flexibility and technique, to learn how to execute acrobatic tricks, to then be used in dance choreography.The training students receive in their Acro dance classes helps to reinforce the technique in all other dance genres.Adding Acro Dance is next-level training that will develop a specific skill set, and creates well-rounded and versatile dancers.

Merchandise for Christmas

Our online shop has a continuous flow of stock which takes 2-3 weeks. Our annual Christmas package offer which is always a massive sellout is a Special order and can take 6 weeks or more. The final deadline to order the Christmas merchandise that you wish to have for Christmas is 14th OCTOBER.

Check out our NEW Certificate Programme Videos!

Parents are forever asking what a certain skill their child has achieved looks like. Or their child may have come home a little anxious as they really want to practise a particular skill. Parents can be at a loss as to how to encourage and support their child as they have no idea what the skills even look like. We have launched a page which allows parents to download the skill charts and we have also added video demonstrations of each skill that is required to pass each cert. Check it out HERE!

EGC Christmas Challenge

We also intend to run The EGC Christmas Challenge Competition. It will be open to all members and of all levels of ability. Gymnasts will be learning a routine based on their skill level ie. Beginner, Improver, Intermediate etc  that they will perform. In certain levels there will be a competition in others we will be rewarding their participation. It is aimed to be a way for parents to see their progress and enjoy them perform on their own. We aim for it to be a positive and fun experience for all. More details will follow as it will be dependant to the current Covid restrictions and guideline at that time. NOTE: All members that had previously paid for the Easter Challenge will automatically be entered. But again we will more details after Halloween.

Please also familiarise yourself with our Waiver,Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Child Welfare and Protection Policies.

IF you have any other queries please don’t hesistate to contact us. 

Kind Regards

Gillian and Clare.

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